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Bourke Carrigg & Loftus has been trusted to protect the interests of families and businesses for generations.


At Bourke Carrigg & Loftus, we value sincerity, honest and integrity.

We are committed to going the extra mile to provide our clients with peace-of-mind. When you choose to work with Bourke Carrigg & Loftus you will: 

More than 90% of our clients are referred to our firm, testament to our exceptionally high degree of customer satisfaction. 

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The story of Bourke Carrigg & Loftus

From humble beginnings on Bury Street Ballina in 1860, Bourke Carrigg & Loftus has grown to become one of Mayo’s leading law firms. From a district court judge and the great grand uncle of a former Irish President to three generations of families who have dedicated their lives to the Mayo community, a stand-out team has always been at the heart of the Bourke Carrigg & Loftus story.