Practice Areas

Expert Legal Advice

Whether you are buying a new home, have been involved in a road accident or are dealing with a legal matter in business, you can rely on our team’s expert legal advice and unmatched professional support to help you achieve the best possible outcome.


Family Law Solicitors

You can rely on our team to support your family law matter with the utmost sensitivity and guide you through each stage to make the process as easy as possible. We provide legal advice and services to assist with matters including:

  • separation agreements
  • judicial separations
  • pension adjustment orders
  • divorces
  • recognition of foreign divorces
  • deeds of waiver (property)
  • civil partnership agreements
  • co-habitation agreements 
  • child welfare
  • child abduction and
  • wardship
  • maintenance, custody, access and guardianship
For further information on family law at Bourke Carrigg & Loftus in Mayo please contact us.

Commercial Law Solicitors

Our team is well-recognised for its commercial law experience and an innovative approach to problem solving. We can assist with matters including:

  • company formations
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • share and asset purchase agreements
  • shareholders agreements
  • commercial agreements
  • business expansion 
  • corporate governance
  • agency / distribution / marketing / franchising
  • insolvency, receiverships and examinerships
  • partnerships
  • debt collection
  • commercial leases
  • employment contracts
  • equity/bullying/harassment claims
  • judgment/bankruptcy searches in Ireland
  • application, renewal and transfer of licences
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Probate, Wills & Estate Planning

From making a will to administering estates, Bourke Carrigg & Loftus has supported generations of families in Mayo.  We can provide comprehensive advice on all aspects of succession law, inheritance tax and estate planning. We provide services in:

  • making a will
  • probate and estate administration
  • enduring power of attorney
  • succession rights
  • trusts
  • S117 applications and
  • wards of court applications.
For further information about wills, probate and estate planning at Bourke Carrigg & Loftus in Mayo please contact us.

Criminal Law Solicitors

Our team has extensive knowledge of criminal law and can also give you advice regarding Legal Aid applications that might be made on your behalf. We help clients with a range of criminal matters including:

  • advising clients before Garda investigation
  • road traffic offences
  • drink driving offences
  • drugs offences
  • public order offences
  • assault
  • theft
  • criminal damage
  • social welfare fraud offences
  • serious crime including murder, manslaughter, firearms, drugs, sexual offences and sexual abuse
  • tax offences
  • extradition
  • judicial review proceedings
  • prison law
  • Criminal Assets Bureau prosecutions
  • HSE prosecutions
  • county council prosecutions
  • town agent
  • fisheries prosecutions and
  • inquest representation.
For further information about criminal law at Bourke Carrigg & Loftus in Mayo please contact us.

Property Solicitors

Whether you are buying a home, need legal advice on an inheritance or want to transfer a farm to a family member, our team provides a thorough and efficient service for all aspects of property law from buying and selling to re-mortgaging and residential leases. We have the in-depth knowledge of property law to help guide you through:

  • adverse possession claims
  • agistment / conacre agreements
  • boundary rectification
  • compulsory purchase
  • capital gains tax
  • commercial property
  • gift and / or inheritance tax
  • planning law
  • pre-auction advice
  • property purchases and sales
  • rights of way and easements
  • re-mortgages
  • stamp duty
  • sub-division
  • swearing documents and drafting declarations
  • transfer of sites
  • voluntary transfers and matters specific to Agricultural Law including
  • farm / agricultural leases
  • farm and agricultural land issues
  • farm partnerships
  • single farm entitlements
  • transfer of farms
To see how we can help you with your property matter please get in touch with Bourke Carrigg & Loftus today.

Personal Injury Litigation / Accidents

A personal injury has the potential to seriously affect your lifestyle, financial situation and your family. It can also impact your ability to work, stay fit and enjoy the activities you love. In the case of an accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your injury, loss of earnings and other costs incurred.  Talk to us about your situation; we can help with injuries that have occurred as a result of:

  • road traffic accidents
  • accidents at work
  • farm accidents
  • accidents at sea
  • fatal accidents
  • injuries board assessments
  • public liability claims 
  • criminal injuries
  • defamation claims
  • victims of crime
  • product liability
  • health and safety litigation
  • occupier’s liability
  • accidents involving machinery
  • medical negligence
  • dental negligence
  • Garda Síochána compensation claims
  • prison officer’s compensation claims
* In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement. This statement is made in compliance with Reg.8 of SI 518 of 2002.
For further information about personal injury litigation at Bourke Carrigg & Loftus in Mayo please contact us.

Notary Public

We are delighted to offer the services of a Notary Public at our Ballina and Belmullet (Tuesday afternoons only) offices. Mark Loftus, Partner at Bourke, Carrigg & Loftus is available to assist with the following:

  • administer oaths
  • attest signatures
  • authenticate documents
  • give notarial acts
  • take affidavits
  • take affirmations and declarations
  • receive and make protests under Mercantile Law, and issue notarial certificates in respect of documents and persons.

The Code of Conduct for Notaries Public in Ireland requires notaries to establish the identity of the person to whom they are providing notarial services. If you require the services of our Notary Public, please bring the following forms of identification to your appointment:

1. passport or driver’s licence 
2. a recent utility bill.

Further information about the services provided by a Notary Public can be found at The Faculty of Notary Public website.
To make an appointment with the Notary Public Marc Loftus at Bourke Carrigg & Loftus in Ballina or Belmullet, please contact us.